The Club

“There’s something happening all the time in the world of racing and it’s exciting,” Henrietta Knight – The Guardian

The spirt of racing is as strong as ever with its popularity growing every day. This is your opportunity to get involved in an exclusive racing club and get up close to the action.

We are very proud to have legendary trainer and Gold Cup Winner Henrietta Knight as our patron and her energy is as contagious as it has ever been. Her know-how in choosing the right horses and selecting the trainer is pivotal to our club. Her knowledge is invaluable.

Hen is supported by her carefully selected management team of Racing Club Manager Shaun Christie, and Martin Gregory.

They have not only been co-owners with Hen previously, they also have been working with her to bring this club to life, Martin and Shaun bring with them many years of experience in racing and managing racing horse syndicates. They all completely understand what members want. The team is completed by non-executive director, Andrew Carter. The team are connected across the racing world and bring endless enthusiasm to the party!

Our official partner is Racing Welfare, and we are in awe of the work they do and what they achieve. We look forward to working alongside them in the coming years.

Each Member will receive the following benefits during their Membership Period:

  • Welcome pack containing a photo of your horse and letter from Henrietta
  • A 0.5% share of any prize money won by the horse
  • Access to exclusive “behind the scenes” experiences at the chosen trainer’s and Henrietta Knight’s yards
  • Chance to watch the horse run on course with an owner’s badge
  • Regular updates on the horse’s progress using state of the art technology from The Racing Manager

The Team

Henrietta Knight


Shaun Christie

Racing Club Manager

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